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In this article, you will get to know how you can make your desk a better place to work to increase productivity. Earlier at BlogsWrite you read about 10 tips to increase your productivity while WFH. And also, the 10 apps that help you in increasing your productivity. Well in this article, you will get to know how you can make your desk a better place to work to increase productivity.

What is a productivity hack?

The term “Productivity” may change its sense depending on the nature of work. Today we will understand this term in sense of increasing productivity at the office. Where you are working has a greater impact on your work. It also affects your ability to focus (and stay focused) and your overall ability to be productive.

This means this is important to make your desk a better place to work to increase productivity. Increasing productivity in any business & service is the ultimate goal of any company. It is applicable for both working from home and the office. That is how well you have managed or arranged your workplace.

Why is it so important to increase employee productivity? 

The importance of the workplace can lead to an increase or decrease in Productivity. Suppose you own a company and your company’s workplace is not good. Then how can you expect that there will be an increase in productivity?

The productivity of an employee helps in increasing customer relationships. A good customer relationship is the best component of a successful business. Hence employee productivity is significant for a company’s better productivity.

If the employees are not satisfied with their desks this will bring a negative impact on the company. If the employees are not productive, they get demotivated and disconnected from work. Engagement at the workplace brings engagement with co-workers also.

When employees are more productive, they will willingly take part in organizational activities. This will bring positive engagement with co-workers. They will feel more energetic, less burned out, and less frustrated. This will increase the productivity of both the employees and the business.

Tips you can do to make your desk a better place to work to increase productivity 

According to studies, a better workplace can increase your productivity by about 20%. Let’s discuss factors to make your desk a better place to work to increase productivity.

  1. Place organizers at your workplace

Putting your things in their place will enhance your productivity. Whether you are working from home or an organization.

  • If you are working from an office

What you can do is ask your admin team to provide you with space where you can put your extra documents. This will give you space for your regular work. Extra space will provide safety and security to your important files and documents.

  • If you are working from Home 

Make sure the workplace is neat and clean and has a cabinet where you can keep papers. The cabinet at your workplace will make your workplace tidy and organized. If you have small kids at home then this is a must thing you should invest to make your desk a better place to work.

  1. Tools for taming the messy cords 

Do not get messed up between the wires of your phone, earphones, and laptops. This is the biggest distraction while working. At some point when your phone or your laptop needs backup you feel like messing up between their wires.

If you are working from an office 

Here you will get a well-organized system at your workplace. But still, be careful you are a messy creator person. Try to keep your stuff organized so that your productivity does not get hampered. Your untidiness might affect the work productivity of your team.

  • If you are working from Home 

You can buy a clear desk organizer online. This is a lifesaver. I am a work-from-home person and how good these organizers are. These organizers are not very costly but very beneficial you love your productivity.

  1. Papers and writing pads 

Yes, with organizers you will arrange your stuff. But, with a busy schedule, you are going to need papers and writing pads. It will help you in planning your work.

  • If you are working from an office 

You can write the work that you are going to do and, in the end, you can tick down the work and meetings you have done. Doing this will enhance your confidence and increase your productivity.

  • If you are working from home

While working from you can use it for the same purpose along with noting down the extra things. You can use fancy writing pads to make your writing more interesting. I am especially fond of Lucite organizers and file holders.

  1. Use a manual calendar instead of Google one 

Yes, online calendars are indeed available with updated versions. These make your schedule easy and convenient. I am a person who loves things in front of my eyesight. I love to write my important days and meetings marked on my calendar.


Now you have a list of tricks that are beneficial for increasing your productivity. Because increasing productivity is going to be beneficial for you and your company. These tips will make your desk a better place to work to increase productivity. You can leave your comments and suggestions below in the comment box.

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