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How Can Web Analytics Tools Helps The Businesses

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Web Analytics Tools:

Have you ever heard of the term web analytics? If yes, you might be wondering about its complete guide. Isn’t it? So, today we are here to discuss web analytics in brief. You would be able to collect all relevant information on web analytics through this article. So, we request you to stay till the last to gather complete information.

What is web analytics?

Before starting anything else, first, let us discuss what web analytics is? Web analytics is a collection of data that are analyzed when users visit a particular website. In other words, you can also say that web analytics are mainly used to optimize the experience of the website. Moreover, this leads to the increasing sales of a website.

With web analytics, one can track traffic sources, the number of visitors, bounce rate, and much more. You can also say that it is the only method that one can use to understand the performance of their websites.

Importance of web analytics:

There exists numerous importance of web analytics about which most of the users are not known. So, come on let us discuss its importance in brief. Below listed are some of the importance.

  • It helps one to understand what users are doing on their website and how they are dealing with the website.
  • Since web analytics helps to analyze data, it can be further used to make the user experience much better.
  • With the use of web analytics, one can track the effectiveness of their online marketing campaign accurately.

How can a web analytics tool help a business?

If you are the one who is running a business, web analytics tools are surely going to serve you the best. This part will let you know how web analytics can help one in their business. Now, let us discuss it in brief detail.

Helps in identifying trends

Web analytics tools can help you to gather relevant information on the website and helps you to work as per the trend. This will help one to identify the positive and negative impacts of your result and also help you determine how it affects your user’s experience.

Helps in understanding user analysis

These tools often provide you with the opportunity to analyze how visitors deal with your website. Also, it allows you to determine which pages users interact with more when they enter and leave the site, and much more. Further, all this information can help businesses to improve the usability of their website.

Helps in A/B split testing

It might be possible that businesses want to test the changes on their website. Isn’t it? So, this is also possible with the use of web analytics tools. These tools provide real-time results which businesses can use to understand the effects of changes on the audience.

Working of web analytic tools:

  • These web analytics tools mainly tag their website’s page by adding javascript code to their page. Further, this usage of tags helps the analytics tools to count the number of times visitors click on the link. Also, these tags are useful for the collection of various other pieces of information such as device, browser, and geographic location with the use of IP address.
  • You might have also seen cookies while visiting any website. Isn’t it? So web analytics indeed use these cookies to determine the number of repeats done on the website from the same browser. Because of the deletion of cookies by users, it is not possible to track accurate results and it may produce varying results.

Metrics tracked by web analytics tools:

There are various metrics that one can track with the use of web analytics tools to enhance the performance of their sites. Listed below are some of the common metrics which can be easily tracked. Read to know about those metrics in detail.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate allows you to know how many users left your website immediately after reading the first page.


It is one of the metrics tracked by web analytics tools that helps to count the number of site pages viewed by the users.

Average session duration

Average session duration determines how long the session lasts on a particular page by any user.


It tracks the number of pages viewed by the user in a particular session.


Web analytics tools also count the number of new users’ visits to your website.

Pros of web analytics:

There are some advantages that users avail of by using web analytics. Below mentioned are some of them, read to know more about them.

  • The first advantage you get is that it is completely free to use.
  • It provides straightforward dashboards that contain the detailed performance of the website which one can understand easily.
  • With web analytics, one can also track the number of subscriber sessions taking place and much more.

Cons of web analytics:

Since every coin has two sides, similarly web analytics has both advantages and disadvantages. Now, let us talk about some of the disadvantages of web analytics in this part.

  • As we all know, coding is not easy. So with web analytics, if you want to track something, you need to code which isn’t possible for all.
  • Sometimes it cannot track accurate results because it can only analyze the entry and exit events, not the one that is happening on the website.

Examples of web analytics:

Today, there are thousands of web analytics tools in the market. But do you think all of them are accurate and efficient to use? No, it isn’t. So, let us talk about some of the best web analytics tools which one can prefer to choose without thinking.

Google analytics

It is the most popular web analytics tool used widely. It is the best tool that offers a standard website free of cost.

Adobe analytics

If you are looking for the best web analytics tool with a highly customizable analytics platform, you can go for adobe analytics.


It is one of the web analytics tools that is mostly used to determine which parts of website pages are getting more traffic using heat mapping.


MixPanel is the web analytics tool that helps to analyze all actions taken by users on the website.


Piwik is somewhat similar to google analytics which gives complete ownership to the companies and controls their data.

Wrapping up:

Well, that was all about web analytics. If you too are interested to enhance the performance of your website, prefer using web analytics tools. It will surely help you out in a unique way. Moreover, it is widely used to increase the site’s performance. Hence, these tools can help you make you’re earning worth it.

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