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Make money using WhatsApp: How to earn money by using WhatsApp?

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Make money using WhatsApp: As a society, we live in, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram permeate our everyday lives. As soon as they wake up in the morning, almost everyone checks their social media notifications, and they do so regularly throughout the day. It is hard to imagine our lives without these platforms. The question that naturally arises is: Can these platforms be monetized with such high levels of engagement from their users?

YouTube content creators can also earn from ad revenue, as is the case with Facebook video creators. There are many ways to make money using WhatsApp since it does not allow advertisements or commercial transactions. 

How to make money using WhatsApp?

Some of the ways you can use to make money using WhatsApp include:


As we update and test ySense, this list will be updated. Following testing, ySense has been pushed to the top of our list.

How about Pay to Click websites (PTC)? We tested this one before adding it because they don’t pay. Our tests proved successful! Do you want to do surveys or something like that?

You can do so many things on ySense, including taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more! What could possibly be the reason for listing it? Read on to find out.

You get paid for watching videos, completing surveys, and referring friends with ySense. Signing up for ySense will give you a referral link. You can then use WhatsApp to share this link with others. You receive bonus points for referring others.

Try to complete the surveys as much as you can. Many will not be suitable for you, but there will be some. You just need to keep looking. After taking our test, we weren’t selected for the first four surveys but were subsequently chosen for an extensive company survey in which we spent less than 4 minutes. It paid $1.25 for our participation. It takes a long time, months or even years, depending on you, to get there from ySense according to our research and experience.

Viral content

Using the paid URL shortening service Shorte.st, for example, is the key to this method. The service allows people to shorten links to a variety of websites using their site. In addition, a certain amount of money will be paid to the user for every click on the new, shortened link!

People typically enjoy articles, viral videos, and other exciting materials when they register and explore them.


You can make money using WhatsApp with short links through WhatsApp, the easiest and most popular method. This used to be the number one method. The person who sent you the temporary link may have been making money from that before, and you didn’t know it.

First, what does short-link mean? The term refers to a shortened URL. Linking to a story typically appears very long, but short links are shorter variations. Neither link will bring you to a different level, but both get you to the same story.

You need to find news, tips, or any other information you know your contacts or group members would love to read using this method. Open WhatsApp and share the shortened one with your contacts and groups. 

After your contacts click on the link, they will see some ads before viewing the story. Through this, you will generate revenue.

Passive income will be generated if your content is enjoyed by a large group of people. WhatsApp is a great way to share this content to make money using WhatsApp.

You can use a link shortener in a few simple steps. You can do this by going to any website, signing up, copying any link you wish to share, logging into the link shortener, pasting the link, and shrinking it. After that, you can share your links with anyone you want to.

Through Affiliate

An affiliate marketer promotes a company’s product on its behalf. When you sell products, you earn commissions from affiliate marketing. The first step is choosing what product you want to promote. Start promoting your affiliate URL on WhatsApp by sharing it with your contacts and with groups you’re in. Amazon is just one of several reputable websites offering affiliate marketing plans.

Using your own skills or products to market them

Your own products can be marketed instead of affiliate links. Make money using WhatsApp is one way to do it, but you have total control over it. 

Creating an online shop is all you need if you have no products but would love to have them. Just copy the products from suppliers and put them on your website. Known as dropshipping.

Marketing your skills is also an option. Share your designs with your contacts and friends if you are a fashion designer.

Making Money by Sharing Skills and Products to make money using WhatsApp is this WhatsApp earning method. If you have a skill, join groups that utilize that skill. You might just get a vital contract this way.

Networks based on PPD

You will receive payment for downloaded files by default if users complete a PPD (Pay Per Download) transaction. PPD websites, for example, can be found at openload.com. PPD websites, such as Openload, are recommended as they provide higher payouts and are pretty easy to sign up and use. You upload all the movies, images, songs, and exciting videos and share the links on Facebook and WhatsApp. By uploading files to the link, you are paid if they are downloaded. The amount of money that you receive varies based on the capacity of the download.

Promoting apps

It is unique in its own way since you will not receive direct cash but will receive free stuff like free recharge and Paytm Cash. Other instant recharge applications include task bucks, earn talk time and Ladoo. Therefore, to get the free recharge, you should share this referral link with your WhatsApp contacts.

You can market your business on WhatsApp.

You may find this strange, but it’s true! Business promotions on WhatsApp are paid for! You should be in contact with many people. But only if you are a member of a group with many references.

Use all the platforms you have to promote yourself, such as forums, social media, and other media.  

You will be surprised by how many people will actually contact you if you put yourself out there correctly. You have to figure out how to introduce their product or service to your WhatsApp audience once you get it.

Other Ways

As an alternative to the above ways, you can market, promote, and sell your products and services to make money using WhatsApp if you own a business. Links to your website and social media profiles can be included in a custom signature that you use for emails. By hosting an e-conference or seminar on WhatsApp, you can spread your ideas on a larger stage. To make money using WhatsApp can also be used to offer real-time customer support.


To make money using WhatsApp, not money-making, is the ability to capitalize on it and make money from it. If you’re lucky, you’ll earn a small income from some of the methods listed above. Depending on your success rate, affiliate marketing and selling your own products may also make you much money. Consistency is key. If we find other ways to make money using WhatsApp, we will add it to this list. Follow this page for updates.

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